Balloons Decor & Backdrop Rental




Simple Balloon Bouquet Centerpieces -$25 each (min of 4) no helium



Grab & Go Garlands -$19 sq ft (up to 2 colors) 4ft-6ft

  • I construct and you pick up ❤️. These are smaller garlands fully constructed and ready for you to install yourself.

Organic Balloon Garlands - (more balloons in various sizes added to give it more pop)

  • $20 sq/ft ( up to 4 colors) 6ft - 20ft
  • 710E93B3-1EBA-442C-874D-9ED7194D2373.jpeg
  • 49D158DA-C694-45C4-821D-7138424631E4.jpeg
  • 7A3A2D39-80C5-4009-9539-18CDC9E05AB3.jpeg
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  • C7254777-21ED-492C-802C-65D27D40A19C.jpeg

ARCH 9ft x 10ft wide

Stacked Balloon Arch -

  • starts at $300 (up to 2 colors)

Organic Balloon Arch - (more balloons in various sizes added to give it more pop)

  • starts at $350 (up to 3 colors)
  • 2FE568D0-3D74-44AB-B6F4-AC06C478E216.jpeg
  • 05773AE0-7D13-4D51-9AE3-8AD75611239E.jpeg

COLUMNS (up to 8ft with Topper)

Stacked Balloon Column

  • $100 each
  • (min 2 columns & up to 2 colors)
  • optional styles - stacked, spiral, zigzag

Organic Balloon Column (more balloons in various sizes added to give it more pop)

  • $120 each
  • (min 2 columns & up to 3 colors)
  • optional styles - stacked, spiral, zigzag
  • 399913A3-B673-4A5D-805F-ACDA64215183.jpeg
  • 8EF437C9-347D-427F-A20A-F379481D6259.jpeg


Add extras below to make it pop more!

Balloon Topper - starts at $5 refers to a latex or foil balloon placed on the top of a column.

Foil Balloons - starts at $3 (small, large sizes, letters)

Glitter Balloons - starts at $5

Add Extra Color Balloons - starts at $10

Artificial Flowers - starts at $25 (quantity will increase price)

Artificial Leaves - starts at $25 (quantity will increase price)


4ft Marquee Letters/Number Filled - $50 ea

4ft Lighted Marquee Letter/Number - $55 ea

Box w/ Letters Rental - $25 (Baby, Bride, Etc)

Custom Printed Backdrop Style - starts at $175 (includes stand)

6.5 ft Gold Circle Backdrop Rental- $75

(add circle backdrop cover for $15; different colors available)

(Coming Soon) Grass Backdrop Rental - ($125 includes 3 hours)

Neon Signs Rental - $75 (ask for availability)

Selfie Ring Light Rental - $25

Selfie Station 1 - print up to 50 photos ($50 includes 3 hours!)

Selfie Station 2- print up to 80 photos ($75 includes 3 hours!)

Selfie Station 3 - print up to 160 photos ($135 includes 3 hours!)

Costume Characters - have live characters dressed as a princess, super hero, paw patrol, lol dolls, Minnie Mouse, and etc ($150 includes 2 hours)

Keep in mind

Installation, delivery, & clean up fee is 15% ; that will be added to the total price + tax! (except Grab & Go Garlands; tax will only be added to the total price!)

Garlands without any rentals have the options to add our clean-up fee of just $40 if your event is within 20 minutes of our location for us to return.

Clean-up is included with any rentals due to us having to pick up our rentals from your event.

****We cannot guarantee the lifespan of your balloons after they are delivered. We recommend not to put the balloons in direct sunlight. Darker balloons tend to oxidize more quickly and pop much easier in direct sunlight, although I will do everything I can to make your balloons last, I can’t control the weather. Putting them in the shade or indoors is always ideal for Grab and Go Garlands.****

Contact us for a quote!

Bundle Discount

Need more decorations and wow factors bundle up!

Add our 360 Photobooth and receive $25 off 2 hours, $50 off 3 hours, $75 off 4 hours

Please call 864-203-2498, if you have any questions! We will be happy to assist!

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  • 49D158DA-C694-45C4-821D-7138424631E4.jpeg
  • arch and column.jpg
  • white circle with balloon backdrop.jpeg
  • organic garland with circle arch and florals
  • 2BEEB5CC-0F7D-4CB7-AA64-9985895D74D3.jpeg